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Tax inspection agent

Tax inspection is an important means for tax authorities to investigate and deal with tax violations and protect tax revenue. With the deepening of the current reform of "tax governance by numbers", the means, technology and intensity of tax inspection have been continuously strengthened, which has led to frequent tax disputes and the continuous magnification of taxpayers' tax-related risks.

Tax inspections induce various tax-related legal risks faced by enterprises, including back payment of taxes, additional fines, credit downgrades, and transfer to judicial authorities for criminal liability. Tax audit response is one of the most competitive core businesses of Huashui, with the professional advantages of "tax + law", based on the grasp and understanding of tax inspection procedures and case practice standards, we can tailor a service plan for enterprises to prevent criminal risks as the foundation and achieve minimum losses.

Recent cases

1. An audit case of a fuel oil trading enterprise suspected of falsely issuing special VAT invoices, involving a total of more than 290 million yuan in ticket price and tax. Huashui assists enterprises in tax inspection and response, and comprehensively resolves the risk of tax payment and criminal liability.

2. A foreign comprehensive service enterprise is suspected of defrauding the export tax rebate inspection case, involving more than 300 million yuan of export tax rebates, and the company faces huge fines and severe criminal liability. Huashui provides comprehensive audit response services for enterprises, helping them avoid huge fines and criminal charges.

3. A technology company is suspected of falsely issuing special VAT invoices for inspection, involving a total of more than 580 yuan in ticket price and tax, and the enterprise is facing severe criminal liability. With the assistance of Huashui, the case was not transferred to the public security organ for handling, effectively avoiding the criminal risk.

4. A dispute over the pre-tax deduction of bad debt losses of a foreign-invested enterprise, involving more than 3,400 yuan of enterprise income tax, and the enterprise faced the risk of tax payment, late payment fees and fines for qualitative tax evasion. In the tax inspection stage, Huashui assisted enterprises to complete tax self-examination and take the initiative to pay taxes, avoiding huge fines and losses for qualitative tax evasion.

5. A well-known real estate group's capital reduction and failure to withhold shareholders' individual income tax audit case, involving shareholders' individual income tax of 260 million yuan. In the tax inspection stage, Huashui assisted the enterprise to issue statements and defense opinions, and counseled the enterprise and shareholders to complete the tax self-examination, which greatly reduced the amount of tax payment.

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