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We focus on providing a full range of corporate law services for corporate mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, listing, etc. By providing domestic and foreign clients with the best combination of legal and tax solutions, Huashui has continuously participated in major transactions that have changed the business map of China and the world, and has won industry awards and customer praise. We can provide the following professional services to our clients:

I. M&A and restructuring: Conducting legal due diligence, consulting on industrial access policies and administrative approvals, designing transaction structures and tax planning, drafting and negotiating transaction documents, and providing legal advice for the integration of investment decision-making period, transition period and delivery period

II. Capital market: Corporate restructuring and listing counseling, private financing tax saving, listed company governance structure and tax risk control, listed company acquisition, merger, division, major asset restructuring tax consulting

III. Antitrust & Competition Compliance: Anti-monopoly filing, merger filing, M&A compliance advice, responding to anti-monopoly investigations, representing clients in anti-monopoly litigation and reconsideration

IV. Bankruptcy reorganization: Scting as an agent to apply for bankruptcy of the debtor, applying for compulsory liquidation, participating in bankruptcy proceedings, acting as an agent for various litigation, arbitration, liquidation, bankruptcy and other related litigation, arbitration, liquidation, bankruptcy tax consulting and consulting

V. Intellectual Property: Transaction structure design and tax-saving planning, royalty tax-saving planning, trademark confirmation and protection, trademark consulting services, enterprise intellectual property strategy consulting

VI. Labor and Personnel: Consultation and agency on individual income tax matters of employees' comprehensive income, remuneration system and tax-saving planning for middle and senior employees, transfer and placement of employees in restructuring and reorganization, handling of tax-related violations and crimes and corruption matters of employees, employee planning and equity incentives, and social insurance compliance

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Copyright@2019 Aequity.ALL rights reserved京CP备17073992号-1