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Consulting services for the preparation of annual corporate income tax returns

Service purpose:

to implement the procedures and methods stipulated in the relevant rules and guidelines in accordance with the tax law and relevant standards for the annual enterprise income tax declaration information provided by the client, collect and make professional judgments on the taxpayer's information and situation in accordance with the law within the scope of the entrusted business, and provide analysis, evaluation and suggestions for the annual tax declaration matters.

Service content:

I. Data preparation: Understand the basic situation of the enterprise, the internal control system, the accounting system and the tax system, obtain evidence to support the annual declaration and preparation of the consulting report, and review and judge the authenticity, legitimacy and relevance of the evidence.

II. Data preparation: Provide evaluation opinions on whether the information involved in the annual tax declaration of enterprise income tax is true, reliable and complete.

III. Design of declaration plan: Assist enterprises in preparing and filling in the annual tax returns and schedules of enterprise income tax, assist enterprises in preparing and preparing attached materials, review the logical relationship in the form, the relationship between the declaration form and the attached table, review the filling relationship of filing items, and assist in filling in the tax reduction and exemption information.

IV. Submission arrangement and follow-up management: In accordance with the provisions of the tax law, assist the enterprise to complete the declaration procedures and file the declaration materials, remind the client to pay the tax within the time limit specified in the tax law, and issue relevant business reports.

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