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Verification of enterprise income tax final settlement and payment of tax declaration

Service purpose:

Huashui accepts the entrustment and appoints qualified tax-related professional service personnel to review and judge the authenticity, legitimacy and completeness of the final settlement and declaration of the enterprise income of the appraised in accordance with the tax law, accounting standards, accounting system and other relevant laws and regulations, and issue appraisal and certificates.

Service content:

I. Evidence collection and evaluation: Obtain and aggregate data and information related to the forensic matters through the listing of forensic materials, questionnaires, on-site interviews, etc., and judge the authenticity, legality, reasonableness, relevance, and completeness of the evidence through review and other means.

II. Verification of various items:Total profit, income adjustment, deduction adjustment, asset adjustment, special event adjustment, tax preference verification, loss recovery verification, summary tax verification, etc.

III. Issuance of attestation report: Prepare and issue an attestation business report on the declaration and payment of enterprise income tax, which fairly reflects the amount of income tax payable by the appraisee during the attestation period.

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Copyright@2019 Aequity.ALL rights reserved京CP备17073992号-1