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Tax return agent

Service purpose:

Huashui accepts the entrustment of taxpayers, withholding agents and payers, assigns tax-related service personnel to collect and make professional judgments on the information provided by the client, acts as an agent for the client to make tax declarations and payment declarations, prepares and signs tax returns, withholding tax reports, payment returns and related documents, and completes tax returns.

Service content:

Acting as an agent for all kinds of tax declarations - value-added tax, consumption tax, customs duties, real estate tax, urban land use tax, individual income tax, etc.

I. Invoice-related agency business: Verification of invoice types, receipt of invoices, approval of the maximum limit of special tickets, verification and printing application of invoices printed with the name of the unit, verification and adjustment of VAT invoices, initial, change, and cancellation of issuance of special equipment for VAT tax control system.

II. Tax clearance and cancellation agency business: Declare and pay all kinds of taxes, handle all kinds of tax refunds and exemptions, settle export tax refunds and tax exemptions, surrender and cancel invoices, cancel and return the special equipment of the VAT tax control system, cancel the registration of insurance premium payment information, and obtain tax clearance certificates.

III. Agency business for tax-related information reporting matters: Basic information reporting agency, system information reporting agency, cross-regional tax-related matters information reporting agency, qualification information reporting agency, special matters reporting agency, etc.

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