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Tax advisory

Service purpose:

With the professional advantages of "tax + law", Huashui can provide professional consulting services and solutions for clients' complex and difficult tax issues.

Service content:

I. Tax declaration consulting: In order to help the client correctly fulfill the tax declaration obligations, in accordance with the relevant tax laws and regulations and professional judgment, we provide the client with consulting services on tax policies, tax calculation, tax return filling, collection and determination of attached materials, and submission of declaration documents.

II. Tax Counseling: Provide guidance services on tax matters such as information reports, tax invoices, tax incentives, tax certificates, and tax risk response.

III. Tax information provision: The service of providing tax information such as tax regulations, announcements, and notices collected to the client.

IV. Tax Policy Answers: Provide consulting services on applicable tax laws and regulations to the client based on the business facts provided by the client.

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Copyright@2019 Aequity.ALL rights reserved京CP备17073992号-1