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Tax risk management

Service purpose:

Huashui accepts the entrustment to analyze and demonstrate the tax-related matters and related information of the assessee, screen the tax-related matters that do not comply with the provisions of tax laws and regulations, analyze the risk of tax violations and penalties that may arise therefrom, and the risk of financial losses that may be caused by failing to enjoy the preferential tax policies in full and in a timely manner, and provide risk response consulting services.

Service content:

I. Tax risk investigation: According to the needs of tax risk assessment, obtain relevant detailed information of the enterprise and conduct investigation and analysis.

II. Tax risk identification: Use verification, discussion or other methods to review and analyze tax risk assessment information, and through data comparison and changes in tax risk assessment indicators, screen tax-related abnormal matters, and identify tax risk points.

III. Tax risk analysis: Through the screening and confirmation of tax risk doubts, objectively analyze the likelihood, intensity, region, cause and possible loss of tax risk.

IV. Tax risk response: Formulate tax risk response strategies, establish effective internal control mechanisms, reasonably design tax management processes and control methods, establish tax risk control points, and establish preventive control and discovery control mechanisms.

V. Tax risk management system: Tax risk management organization, positions and responsibilities, normalization mechanism of tax risk identification and assessment, tax risk control and response mechanism measures, tax information management system and communication mechanism, tax risk management supervision and improvement mechanism.

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