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Special tax planning

Huashui's service team is composed of first-class tax experts in China, and with the professional advantages of "tax + law", we can provide customers with the most operational tax planning solutions. Our experience is that taxpayers should focus on the core element of legal tax conservation and implement tax planning in accordance with current tax laws and regulations, so as to fundamentally maximize benefits.

Over the years, our customers have been in the fields of high-tech, financial investment, real estate, human resources, petrochemical industry, etc., and their professionalism and ability have been highly praised by the industry. The special tax planning we can provide to our clients mainly includes:

I. Tax preferential planning: to provide enterprises with preferential tax policy consulting, according to the actual situation of the enterprise, the industry to which it belongs, the relevant qualifications, to develop a plan to obtain regional tax incentives, industry tax incentives, local tax incentives, and can provide preferential qualification maintenance and tax risk control and management services.

II. M&A, Restructuring, Investment and Financing Tax Saving Planning: Deeply participate in the client's M&A, reorganization, investment and financing decisions, implement tax due diligence, formulate tax saving plans based on business purposes, design transaction processes and structures according to the three links before, during and after the event, assist in the implementation of tax saving plans, and help enterprises achieve the effect of tax deferred and tax saving.

III. Tax planning for enterprise listing: Carry out tax due diligence of enterprises to be listed, implement tax standardization guidance according to the situation of the enterprise, design a reasonable equity structure, strive for the optimal comprehensive tax burden for long-term operation, and resolve potential tax risks.

IV. Cross-border tax planning: Providing tax due diligence, tax structure construction, application for tax treaty incentives, operation tax efficiency optimization, investment exit tax saving planning, transfer pricing tax saving arrangements and anti-avoidance investigation and response services for foreign investment in China and Chinese enterprises "going global". CRS response services for dual-status tax resident individuals.

Recent cases

1. Provide a full range of special services for tax preferential planning for a listed company in the garden industry.

2. Provide special services for individual shareholders in the merger and reorganization of a technology company and a listed company.

3. Provided pre-IPO equity structure arrangement and tax planning services for a well-known high-tech company.

4. Provide transfer pricing planning services for a well-known Japanese food production company.

5. Provide special tax planning services for the bankruptcy liquidation of a large real estate group enterprise.

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