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Perennial tax law consultant

While providing enterprises with special services such as tax dispute resolution, tax compliance, and tax planning, Huashui can also establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with enterprises, serve as tax law consultants for enterprises, and continue to provide professional support for tax-related problems and important business decisions in the daily business activities of enterprises by virtue of their rich tax law practice experience in industries with high tax risks, so as to effectively improve corporate tax compliance and reduce tax risks. The main contents of the perennial tax law advisory services include:

I. Tax Policy Interpretation: Provide the latest tax policy consultation, interpret relevant tax regulations, analyze major reforms and adjustments of the tax system and tax administration, evaluate the impact of policies and put forward countermeasures

II. Review of tax-related contracts: Review the tax obligations corresponding to the contract, identify the tax-related loopholes of the contract, coordinate the benefits of the contract and tax compliance, and put forward suggestions for modification and improvement to prevent tax risks

III. Consultation on tax-related issues: Timely respond to tax-related problems encountered by enterprises in their daily business activities through telephone, email and other online means, conduct professional analysis, and provide professional opinions and suggestions

IV. Business decision-making support : Attend the company's major business decision-making meetings, and express professional opinions on the company's important business activities, internal management systems, business operation processes, etc

V. Tax Law Practice Training: According to the needs of enterprises, conduct tax law practice training for enterprises, explain the latest tax policies, analyze the tax collection and management situation, share typical tax-related cases, and communicate on the compliance and risk management of enterprises

In recent years, we have served customers such as: China Certified Tax Agents Association, Mitsubishi Corporation, Baojian, Zhenghe Henderson, Oriental Garden, Tong Ren Tang, China Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., CLP Technology, SINOMACH Group, etc.

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