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Special consultant for investment promotion

Since the reform and opening up, investment promotion has become an important starting point for local governments to develop the local economy, enhance industrial vitality and enhance local competitiveness. Tax incentives and financial incentives are important components of investment promotion, and legal and compliant fiscal and tax policies and honest and trustworthy local governments are important guarantees for the sustainable development of industrial parks. With its rich practical experience in solving tax problems in the field of investment promotion, Huashui can provide targeted financial and tax consulting services for government departments, platform enterprises and investment enterprises, helping the three types of entities to prevent, identify, avoid and dispose of various financial and tax risks, prevent illegal acts, establish tax compliance, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

The services we can provide include:

I. Government Investment Consultant: Provide financial and tax advisory support for the government to implement investment promotion, and express professional opinions and suggestions on the establishment of industrial parks, investment projects, major construction projects, etc.; assist the government in formulating policies such as industrial support, tax incentives, and financial incentives, ensure that the investment promotion work complies with laws and regulations, and resolve administrative liability risks; and introduce high-quality investment enterprises, advanced technology, management and talents

II. Investment promotion platform consultant: Provide financial and tax advisory support for investment promotion platform enterprises, review the cooperation agreement signed between platform enterprises and the government, review the legitimacy of local investment promotion policies, put forward prevention and response suggestions on government default and government illegal payment risks, assist platform enterprises to improve business processes and financial and tax management, prevent employee fraud, customer fraud, fraudulent rewards, false invoicing and other illegal risks, and carry out business cooperation with platform enterprises to introduce investment

III. Investment Enterprise Consultant: Provide financial and tax consulting support for investment enterprises settled in industrial parks, introduce industrial parks with high government reputation and strong preferential treatment, and carry out special tax planning for investment and financing projects; review the cooperation agreement signed between investment enterprises and investment promotion units, review the legitimacy of fiscal and tax preferential policies, analyze and evaluate the feasibility and payment risks of fiscal and taxation policies; participate in investment and financing negotiations and decision-making meetings, and publish professional financial and tax opinions and suggestions

Recent cases

1. Provide financial and tax support services for an investment promotion platform enterprise and an Internet tax preparation service enterprise;

2. Provide government consulting services for investment promotion departments in Shandong, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan, Guangdong and other places;

3. Provide tax planning services for a pharmaceutical group to settle in the industrial park;

4. Provide individual income tax planning services for a listed company's M&A VAM agreement;

5. Provide special tax planning services for the tax migration of an employee stock ownership platform of a listed company.

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