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China Tax Lawyer Salon

The "China Tax Lawyer Salon" is sponsored by the Fiscal and Taxation Law Professional Committee of the All-China Lawyers Association and the Fiscal and Taxation Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, and is specifically organized by Hwuason Law Firm and Huashui School. It was founded and successfully held on September 18, 2020. The 1st salon focused on "Civil Code and Tax Law".

As another useful attempt to focus on China's tax legislation, law enforcement, and justice, as well as on the development of tax-related services and the protection of taxpayers' rights and interests, it will continue to focus on key and difficult issues in the field of my country's fiscal and tax law in the future to help the development of my country's tax lawyer industry.

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Copyright@2019 Aequity.ALL rights reserved京CP备17073992号-1